Thursday, January 18, 2007

St. Germain - Boulevard (New Version: The Complete Series)

St. Germain (the brainchild of French producer Ludovic Navarre) has become a respected benchmark on the international music scene. Predating other French talents such as Daft Punk, Air and Dimitri From Paris, St. Germain’s influence is clearly audible in those artists’ work as well. PIAS America continue to unearth the classic gems of electronic music with the timely issue of St. Germain’s "Boulevard, new version the complete series". Never before released in the United States, Boulevard finds smoldering jazz vibes nestled amidst lush dance rhythms in an un-self-consciously eclectic album with tremendous crossover potential.

Before St. Germain caught the ear of legendary American jazz label Blue Note, which led to the 2000 release of the album Tourist and a string of sold-out shows across the U.S., Navarre was an innovator within the electronic music scene (with St. Germain and several other aliases). His early releases on France’s respected F Communications label (run by another great French talent, Laurent Garnier) did more to put Paris on the international map than any of his predecessors. No other artist in recent history has garnered such acceptance across wide musical boundaries, leapfrogging from discerning house music lovers to ardent jazz enthusiasts with effortless motion. Billboard named St. Germain their "Top Contemporary Jazz Artist" and Tourist their "Top Contemporary Jazz Album" of 2001, while the album appeared on countless "best of" playlists from the world’s top DJs.

Originally released in 1995, Boulevard sold over 300,000 copies worldwide, was elected Record of the Year in England and served as a cornerstone for a legion of artists and producers interested in trying to capture its elusive and sexy grooves. Boulevard, new version the complete series includes two special extra songs, including the rare early hit "Alabama Blues," both taken from 1999’s From Detroit to St. Germain, a compilation of cuts recorded over seven years.

While much electronic music seemingly comes with an expiration date and built-in obsolescence, the sound of St. Germain is enduring and undoubtedly takes a cue from the jazz masters in terms of longevity. Here is a choice opportunity to take a listen to the rich backstory of an artist with no signs of slowing down in the future.

1. Deep In It
2. Street Scene (4 Schazz)
3. Sentimental Mood
4. What's New?
5. Dub Experience II
6. Forget It
7. Soul Salsa Soul
8. Alabama Blues


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Classic Album!
Awesome Jazz Style!