Friday, January 12, 2007

Desmond Williams - Delights Of The Garden

Born in Jamaica and raised in New Jersey, Desmond Williams has been experimenting with electronic music for nearly 15 years. His work with legendary dub engineer Scientist caught the ears of Thievery Corporation, and Williams has been a part of the ESL Studios and a resident at Eighteenth Street Lounge ever since. From the dub-spiced bossa of 'Um Favor' to the afro-beat reggae of 'Dread A the Roughest', Williams' debut album is a sublime piece of work that pushes downtempo into previously uncharted territories.

1. Um Favor
2. Cadance
3. First Touch
4. Theme From A Dream
5. This Morning
6. Dread A The Roughest
7. Spy Glass
8. Saturday
9. Delights Of The Garden
10. Oxygen
11. High Speed Drift
12. For The Trees
13. Brooklyn Blues
14. Wilcher Waltz


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