Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Away Team - National Anthem

This is a very good cd. The production is by far the bast part of this cd. Khrysis is one of my favorite producers right now, pretty much anything that comes out of North Carolina is quality shit. NC is running the "hip-hop" game right now. Little Brother, Kenn Starr, Cesar Comanche, Edgar Allen Floe, Median, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Supastition, and The Away Team are all my favorites right now. This music bangs because of all the great producers that reside in North Carolina like; 9th Wonder, Khrysis and many more, plus Dutch Producer Nicolay (who helps all the MC's in NC). Pick this up for sure.

1. And Now Folks
2. Competition, The
3. Likka Hi (Last Call)
4. Shining, The
5. Come On Down - (with Smif-N-Wessun)
6. Blah Blah, The
7. So I Tells The B!tch Right
8. F*ck You
9. Let Off A Round
10. Me And My Fellows
11. Make It Hot - (with Phonte/Joe Scudda)
12. End Of The Day, The
13. Upnatem
14. One-N-Only - (with Percy Miracles)
15. Always Be Around
16. On The Line - (with Big Pooh/Chaundon/Joe Scudda)
17. Caution - (bonus track)
18. Lights Out - (bonus track)

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