Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Sound Providers - Looking Backwards: 2001-1998

Sound Providers, Looking Backwards: 2001-1998 (ABB Records)

The title Looking Backwards references the fact that the hip-hop trio the Sound Providers broke up in 2001, and this collection pulls together odd unreleased/promo tracks from their 1998-2001 existence. But the title could just as well be describing their sound, which was undeniably retro, from their absolute-basics rhyming style to the jazz-soul slant of the music. Their music feels old-fashioned in its focus on the simple pleasures, but that's also its strong point, why it still sounds so damn good. Every track is simple – take a clip from a track by a beloved contemporary (a Guru quote from a Gan Starr classic, for example) and build it into a hook. Place some basic rhymes, not especially unique in content or delivery, around them – mostly about creativity and the art of MCing. And then, most importantly, build a smooth, classically jazzy atmosphere around it. That's what takes their music to another level: how effortlessly they build a sublime, pleasurable mood out of jazz textures. Part of a piano or guitar solo is looped until it forms a relaxed, riveting foundation. On track after track they take pieces of jazz, throws in a bit of a soul groove or melody, some basic but funky drums…the result is a low-key kind of magic. It doesn't matter that their rhymes are forgettable and their overall approach pretty repetitive; all that matters is that soothing, fulfilling, jazz-ridden hip-hop groove that they do so well.

1. Intro
2. Dope Transmission
3. Field
4. J Rocc Radio Promo
5. Get Down
6. No Time
7. Choc Promo
8. Breath Testing
9. Difference
10. Yes Yall
11. That's It
12. Who Am I
13. 7l Promo
14. Fresh Rhymes
15. DL Promo
16. Who Am I [Remix]



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can you re-upload this nice Release?

please :)

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