Monday, February 19, 2007

Scientist - Dub In The Roots Tradition

This CD is nothing short of excellent and features dub workouts from the legendary mixmaster Scientist.The tracks featured were previously very rare and were taken from the roots tradition label.Blood and fire have done an excellent job with this release and the tracks are total dynamite for fans of dub reggae.You can really hear scientists talent at the mixing board plus the legendary sound of king tubby's high pass filters and reverb/echo units giving these dubs the edge. This is one of the best dub releases ever, so I definently recommend picking this up.

1. King Tubby's Answer
2. Dub Bible
3. Dub 16
4. Pick Up The Dub
5. Don't Rush The Dub
6. No Dub Island
7. Love You Dub
8. When I Love Dub
9. See A Dub Face
10. One Man Dub
11. Sunshine Version
12. Dub Livity
13. Babylon Fight Dub
14. African Daughter Dub
15. Home Version


Anonymous said...

scientist v prince jammy - big showdown at king tubby's

Anonymous said...

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